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COVID-19: We Stand Ready to Assist

Amidst this COVID-19 public health crisis, Ready Surgery remains focused on our responsibility to help ensure safe surgeries for all our patients, and deliver assistance to all our hard working surgeons, anesthesiologists and staff. We don’t take this responsibility lightly. As such, we are monitoring the situation closely and are offering various solutions to help all our customers. 

Many hospitals are cancelling elective surgeries in anticipation of COVID-19 patient surges, and ASCs are evaluating the best approach to handle their surgical cases, balancing the needs of patients with the safety of staff and local public health guidance. We recognize that ground realities vary in different regions of the country and that the situation is dynamic. To that end, Ready Surgery is committed to helping all our surgeons, anesthesiologists, staff and patients by offering each facility any necessary customized assistance, free of cost, to meet evolving needs.

Special Assistance For All Our Customers


Below we are sharing some ways in which Ready Surgery is providing assistance and additional value to our customers and partners during this crisis:

1. Adding COVID-related screening questions (medical, symptomatic and social risk factors) to our pre-operative risk assessments


2. Implementing data-driven approaches to identify patients whose planned elective surgeries can be safely postponed

3. Adding any facility or surgeon-specific criteria to identify patients that cannot have surgeries cancelled and/or that can be shifted safely from the hospital to the ASC

4. Offering day-of-surgery COVID-related re-assessments for all upcoming cases

5. Additional support to help cancel or reschedule cases in bulk, and to prioritize surgeries to be rescheduled using a risk model and data-driven approach

6. Obtain COVID-specific patient consents as an addition to all existing consents 

7. Re-confirming availability of postop caregivers to ensure that new isolation or travel restrictions have not compromised post-operative care plans

8. Identifying SNF-bound patients that may be at higher risk and advisable for postponement

9. Verifying physical therapy availability to ensure uninterrupted post-operative care

10. Creating custom ‘quick-sorts’ (bulk queries) by comorbid condition or demographic variables for rapid patient screening

11. Sending specialized educational content and reassurance to patients with upcoming or cancelled surgery


12. Adding COVID-related screening for patients’ families who will accompany them to the ASC or hospital 

13. Updating post-op assessments to include additional questions related to COVID symptoms for post-operative patient tracking

14. Pausing post-operative emails selectively if cases have been cancelled (without the need to immediately make the update on Ready Surgery)


15. Custom team extension and hands-on support for all our facilities


Our support team ( is standing ready to assist your teams. Above all, we are here to serve you - in good times and in challenging times.

Important Resources
Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA) Statement
American College of Surgeons (ACS) Guidance
American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) - Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation Joint Statement
Center for Disease Control & Prevention Guidelines for Clinics & Healthcare Facilities
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