Patients can only access Ready Surgery via the link in the email sent from a surgeon office/ surgical facility (NOT by requesting a code). 

+ How do I set up a Ready Surgery account?

+ How do I change my email address/ user name?

+ I forgot my user name. Can you help?

+ I forgot my password. Can you help?

+ I did not receive an invitation email or reset password email. Can you help?

+ Do I have a Ready Surgery account already?

+ Do I need to download an app?

+ I am getting follow up emails before the surgery. How can I unsubscribe?

+ I believe the date or type of you surgery is wrong. Can you correct it?

+ Can you send the password reset email to a different email address?

+ Can I reuse my online login (user name, password) from my patient portal (E.g.  EPIC MyChart, ModMed, etc)?

+ What browsers/ devices does Ready Surgery work on?

+ After reading all this information and following instructions on the email, I still have a question. How can I get help?

Please submit any technical issues you may be experiencing here. If your issue is urgent, please contact your surgeon office/ facility for immediate support. 
Please call your Doctor's office directly for any medical or surgery booking related questions. This is not a HIPAA-compliant messaging option and must be used only for technical assistance with Ready Surgery usage.