Patients can only access Ready Surgery via the link in the email sent from a surgeon office/ surgical facility (NOT by requesting a code). 

+ How do I set up a Ready Surgery account?

Patients cannot sign up for a Ready Surgery account. Their account has to be created by their surgeon’s office or surgical facility. Patients have to follow the instructions on their email invitations. Any requests for “codes” from patients will not be responded to. If you did not receive an email invitation, please check your Spam/ Junk folder first and then contact your surgeon office/ facility.

+ How do I change my email address/ user name?

Your password reset email and all emails will be sent to the email you provided your surgeon office/ facility. For security reasons, this cannot be changed by anyone other than the surgeon office/ facility staff. Please make sure your email address with the surgeon office/ facility is correct. If you need to change it, please contact them directly and let them know to update it on your case and to send you a new email. For security reasons, any messages to us providing an email address that does not have a Ready Surgery account created by a surgeon office or facility will not be responded to.

+ I forgot my user name. Can you help?

Your user name is the email address where you received the email invitation from your surgeon office or surgical facility (the one you gave them at the time of booking or is in your EMR). Contact the office/ facility directly to change your email. For security reasons, Ready Surgery cannot “remind” you of your email address.

+ I forgot my password. Can you help?

The only way to reset your password is by going to this Reset Password page and providing the correct email address. If you do not have the email, contact your surgeon office/ facility that sent you the invitation to see what email address they sent it to. Again, for security reasons, we cannot reset your password for you.

+ I did not receive an invitation email or reset password email. Can you help?

Please always check your spam/ junk folder and the spelling of the email you entered carefully. If the email address is correct, you will always receive the email. Contact your surgeon office/ surgical facility if you need to confirm what email you provided them.

+ Do I have a Ready Surgery account already?

If the Password Reset or Login Page says ‘User not found’ then you do NOT have an account with the email you entered. Please verify your email address you entered or request your surgeon’s office/ facility to send you a new email invitation.

+ Do I need to download an app?

Patients are not required to download any apps. Patients follow the links from the emails sent to them.

+ I am getting follow up emails before the surgery. How can I unsubscribe?

You cannot unsubscribe to Ready Surgery emails. Please contact your surgeon office or facility to unsubscribe you.

+ I believe the date or type of you surgery is wrong. Can you correct it?

Please contact your surgeon's office/ facility to update these. Ready Surgery has no access to your surgical information.

+ Can you send the password reset email to a different email address?

For security reasons, we cannot send password reset emails to alternate emails. Make sure to provide your surgeon office/ facility an email address that is your own and you have access to at any time (E.g. your office or other network will not block emails).

+ Can I reuse my online login (user name, password) from my patient portal (E.g.  EPIC MyChart, ModMed, etc)?

Ready Surgery is an independent app used by your surgeon office or facility. Your log in with other apps or EMR will not work here. They are unrelated and you will need a new email invitation and a separate email/ password for this application. We recommend setting up a password manager such as OnePassword, LastPass or TouchID if you have many passwords to remember.

+ What browsers/ devices does Ready Surgery work on?

Security is most important to Ready Surgery. All modern and secure browsers are supported. This includes Chrome, Firefox and Safari. You can use these on iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, or any tablet or computer. You can try but we do not support Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer (IE) fully, and cannot guarantee secure and successful use on that browser. If something doesn’t work in one of the non-supported browsers, please switch to a supported browser.

+ After reading all this information and following instructions on the email, I still have a question. How can I get help?

As long as it’s not any medical or surgery booking related questions and the question is related to Ready Surgery specifically, please fill the form out below. For us to identify you and send a response, you must send us details. E.g. copy paste the error message, or state exactly what you see, state what browser/ device you are on, were you able to log in before, what email you are signing in with, etc to receive help from us. We cannot respond to brief or unspecific requests.

Please submit any technical issues you may be experiencing here. If your issue is urgent, please contact your surgeon office/ facility for immediate support. 
Please call your Doctor's office directly for any medical or surgery booking related questions. This is not a HIPAA-compliant messaging option and must be used only for technical assistance with Ready Surgery usage.

Request sent! You will hear back if it's a technical issue. You will NOT receive a response if it's any medical/ scheduling question, a question without full details or is already answered in the FAQs.