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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why do I need an Access Code to use Ready Surgery?

Ready Surgery is a scientific medical platform for Surgeons, Anesthesiologists and other Surgical Care Team Members only. It is NOT meant for medical advice directly to patients or caregivers. When an Access Code is requested, our team verifies that the user is in fact a qualified medical professional before allowing access to our platform. A medical provider can also be recommended by another provider already on the platform (E.g. your partner) to get access instantly.

+ I am a patient. Can I use Ready Surgery?

If you are one of the lucky patients whose surgeon already uses Ready Surgery, please click here. If not, read on.

Our kudos to you for being an engaged and responsible patient. Surgery comes with risks and benefits; weighing your risks against your benefits helps you understand what a particular surgery can do for you in the context of your overall quality of life. Knowing your risks also helps you focus your efforts into specific actions you can take to avoid complications. Don't hesitate to ask your surgeon, anesthesiologist, hospital or surgery center about your risks and whether he/ she can use Ready Surgery to give you your personalized risk breakdown. Your surgeon is your best ally in this journey. Ready Surgery is not a direct-to-patient product. If your surgeon or other medical provider is already on the Ready Surgery platform and requests that you fill out assessments, please do so diligently understanding that the information you provide is valuable in making your care safer, and in improving the care for future patients as well. Your data is always secure and de-identified (cannot be tied back to you) when used for research purposes.

+ I am a surgeon. How do I get started?

Once you have an access code from us, enter it into the sign up form and get started. It's that simple! No IT installs etc needed! 


Here are super tip: Create templates for your common surgery types. If you are already in the office or facility and ready to create a case first, our platform automatically learns your preference and creates a case template for you. 

+ What devices can I use Ready Surgery on?

Ready Surgery is a modern device-agnostic platform that works on all devices. Typically, our surgeons use it on their personal smartphones, and have an iPad in their office or facility/ pre-op clinic. Staff also sometimes use it on a computer. It's built as a flexible multi-user experience. You can even be logged into multiple devices at the same time or switch from one device to another seamlessly, picking up exactly where you left off. Remember that you can safely and compliantly use Ready Surgery on personal devices (see answer to next Question). You can use our app in addition to other apps on the same device (i.e. you don't need an exclusive iPad for Ready Surgery).

+ How do I install it on my iPhone or iPad?

You can download and install our native iOS app from the Apple AppStore for iPhone or iPad. It is full-featured (per your subscription level).

+ Can I install it on my Android phone/ tablet or any computer/ laptop?

Yes, you can set up the app on an Android phone/ tablet (E.g. Samsung, Pixel etc) or on a laptop/ computer - just reach out to us for the information. Only thing you will miss is the Touch ID/ Face ID log in but all the AI magic is still easy to access on any device.

+ Can you provide us with devices to use Ready Surgery on?

Yes, we can arrange to have iPads with our app installed be delivered at your office or facililty at no extra charge and help set up Touch ID/ Face ID access. You will pay for the exact cost of the device only (no markups or fees). Since our application is very simple to install (just like you would install Uber, WhatsApp or Pandora app), most customers do not require us to set it up. The two exceptions we have found are:

a. You do not have access to a WIFI network in your office or facility/ hospital/ ASC/ etc.

We will then set you up with an iPad that is internet-connected (We cover cellular network costs for free).

b. You are worried about patients or staff losing/ dropping your iPad

We will arrange for covers/ kiosks/ leashed iPads as necessary for safety in your office or facility.

We do not restrict what apps you can use on these iPads we provide. So you can also use these iPads for other compliant professional/ clinical apps. We are enablers in your workflow and are not fans of unnecessary restrictions!

+ Is Ready Surgery HIPAA-Compliant?

Yes, of course. We use the highest standards for security and privacy. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and we have audit and logging as required by HIPAA rules. Patient privacy is a top priority for Ready Surgery. Just remember to be safe with your passwords or use Touch ID/ Face ID login (in iOS device).

+ Can I get accounts for my staff?

Yes, we provide 1 additional account access for free for a staff member such as Physician Assistant, Medical Assistant, Surgical Scheduler, PreOp Nurse, etc. to help manage cases. This additional account cannot be another independent medical provider (typically, an MD) such as Anesthesiologist or Surgeon partners. The staff member uses the Ready Surgery platform under your account and for your cases only. It is your responsibility to make sure they use it in a compliant manner.

+ What is the pricing for Ready Surgery?

Ready Surgery has a tiered fee structure for the platform usage that we will share based on your usage needs and specific features. Please contact us at

+ Are there any discounts available to use Ready Surgery?

Ready Surgery is a physician-led and mission-driven organization driving for the moonshot of 0% avoidable complications (while redefining and re-scoping what is considered "avoidable"). We are building a team of the smartest data scientists, artificial intelligence engineers, product designers, medical researchers and support staff to make that happen. So we require ALL practicing providers and facilities to pay for access. But if you are a researcher, educator or resident we offer deeply discounted scholarship access. 

*RECENTLY ADDED* Inspired by some of our leading partners, Ready Surgery now offers selective risk sharing. If you are in a risk-carrying (must include downside risk) value-based reimbursement model, we will partially share in your risk on a case-by-case basis when all your surgeries are booked through Ready Surgery. We certainly put our money where our mouth is!

+ Does Ready Surgery have EMR Integration?

Yes, Ready Surgery is integrated with EPIC, HST, ModMed, Phoenix Ortho and many other EMRs. Please contact us with your EMR name and what specific parts you need integration with. We can also share some case studies and examples to make a recommendation for you.

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PATIENTS: You cannot email through this form. Please go to the Patient FAQ page. This is not a HIPAA-compliant messaging system and any messages from patients via this form will not be reviewed or responded to.

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