Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why do I need an Access Code to use Ready Surgery?

+ I am a patient. Can I use Ready Surgery?

+ I am a surgeon. How do I get started?

+ What devices can I use Ready Surgery on?

+ How do I install it on my iPhone or iPad?

+ Can I install it on my Android phone/ tablet or any computer/ laptop?

+ Can you provide us with devices to use Ready Surgery on?

+ Is Ready Surgery HIPAA-Compliant?

+ Can I get accounts for my staff?

+ What is the pricing for Ready Surgery?

+ Are there any discounts available to use Ready Surgery?

+ Does Ready Surgery have EMR Integration?

Contact Us

Let us know if you have any other questions or need assistance. Typically, we respond within a few business hours.

Please call your Doctor's office directly for any medical or surgery booking related questions. This is not a HIPAA-compliant messaging option and must be used only for technical assistance with Ready Surgery usage.

We believe that the current regulation-driven Healthcare IT tools have failed our doctors and nurses. We have a distinctive focus on doctor & nurse friendly experience to help them realize value from digital solutions. 

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